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Depth + Darkness

Those of you who have taken our Shakers Original Ghost Tour are likely familiar with our mysterious cistern located in our cellar basement. The cistern holds many airs of mystery - one of them being that the consistency, color, and clarity of the water changes often. Sometimes it's quite clear and you can see down into the well, other times it's murky, cloudy, or hard to see through. At times, it looks solid, or gelatin-like, and cloudy-white.

Last week, Tour Guide Paris reached me on messenger with some photographs she took.

"Marley!!! The cistern was black last night..."

Paris told me that she noticed on her tour that the cistern was dark black - darker than she had ever seen before. In addition, she said that there were very many bugs all around it, which she had also never seen before.

More pictures below.


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