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Ghost Tour Footage

Video (above): This video was taken on a Shakers 2.0 Tour. One guest was using our house Dowsing Rods to communicate with spiritual entities while the tour guide filmed. Dowsing Rods are a divination tool used to indicate the presence of water, minerals, and (yes!) even spirits. Users may ask surrounding entities 'yes' or 'no' questions and use energy to move the rods in response. The rods crossing over one another, as seen in the video, gives the reply, 'yes.' Beyond that, though, it seems that the might of whomever spirit this tour-goer was speaking with emitted SO much energy that it began moving the tool hanging in the background as well.

Two Photographs (above): These two pictures were taken in immediate succession by a tour guest. It appears to be a red-headed woman moving in front of the camera - almost caught in completely different lighting than the rest of the photo. However, there was no on one the tour with red hair that evening, and the tour guest claims that nobody (herself included) moved during the pictures as she took them "within a second of each other."

Photograph (above): What you see here is a picture of our Cistern located in the basement. A cistern is a very deep well filled with water, and ours was likely a primary location for disposing bodies during the Capone-era. The water in our cistern mysteriously changes in clarity - sometimes being crystal-clear and sometimes appearing so dark you can't see into it at all. On the night that this photograph was taken, the water appeared murky, white and cloudy, as shown. The tour guide also reported a very peculiar smell and uneasiness.

Two Photographs (above): These are two photographs taken by tour guests on two separate tours. Both were taken of a framed photo located on the third floor. In each one, an outside apparition seemed to appear (circled). These figures are not located in the original photograph, nor are they a reflection of anything in the room.

All of the media included in this article were taken by tour guests at Shakers Cigar Bar. Each photo was taken on a tour with tour guide Ciji, each on separate occasions. Aside from text and circling/pointing, the images have not been tampered with.


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