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Halloween Costume Gone Wrong

I first got my start here as a model on the third floor during our busy season – Halloween season. I was impersonating Molly Brennan, our most famous brothel worker to ever work here. Her story has been heard by many, and it's quite memorable, but I didn't even know her story until I was up there acting as her.

I didn't jump out or scare anyone in an inauthentic way, but I would saunter past them like they simply didn't exist. I was dressed in 1920s-style lingerie and a robe. I had my hair all tied up in a little bob. I was looking the part of the era, and I definitely spooked some people. Some thought I was the actual ghost of Molly! During my time doing this, I ended up hearing a lot of stories. I listened to every tour guide's narrative of the story, what they had seen, what they felt, stuff like that. I also sat in on many sessions with divining rods on the 2.0s and found that Molly is a very sweet spirit. She was killed rather young, but she still lives here and is often seen looking out the window because she likes to watch the world go by. She never really got a chance to experience it, if you think about it. She's probably the one who people feel sitting on the bed when they stay overnight. It was her residence, after all.

Her lover, Patrick Harvey, who led to her misfortune and death, is often present upstairs as well. He's usually sitting in this specific chair. I didn't know he sat in this particular armchair until I was once sitting in it on Halloween. My whole body went cold. This was minutes before the tour guide went on to describe that he's almost always sitting there. I was just walking about in my costume, doing as I was supposed to be doing – but once I sat down in that chair, I was frozen. My hair stood up on end. I felt so uncomfortable.

Once I felt this intense feeling, I slowly got up, trying to remain in character. It felt like it took all of my power and energy just to get up from that chair.

- Michaela Mueller, Bar Manager


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