I moved to Milwaukee from my tiny village of Williams Bay in 2012 to further my education. I now have college-given knowledge in Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies, Art & Design, Dental Assisting, and French Language & Culture. Mostly, I’m killing time until I can go live in the mountains amongst the goats.

Outside of Shaker’s I pursue my fondness for the arts and enjoy photography, special effects make-up, writing, reading, singing, painting, creating music playlists and documentaries, and acting. My favorite art styles are belle epoque, art nouveau, and art deco. That being said, there’s plenty of art here at Shaker’s I wouldn’t mind having in my home. 

You can mostly find me at home with my kitties watching true crime documentaries, stand-up comedy, and 1960s sitcoms. 

I keep the spooky going with my passion for bat conservation, reverence for rainy days, and an extensive sad clown collection. I cannot wait to take you on a spooky journey, and if you feel the need to buy me a drink afterward, my go-to is a gin & tonic. 



I applied to be a tour guide at Shakers immediately after my first tour(and a couple of Shakers martinis). I have always been interested in all things spooky, sinister, out of this world, and a part of the occult. Shakers is all of that and an incredibly good time. 


I was born and raised just north of Milwaukee, yet I never knew how much Milwaukee history I was woefully unaware of until I began guiding tours for Shakers. As a kid I watched far too much true crime, serial killer documentaries, ghost hunting shows, and horror movies. However, none of it compares to being a part of the ghost hunt, the dark history, mind boggling tales, and dynamics of the spirits that have found a home in Shakers. The tours are appalling, bone chilling, completely true, and ready for you to experience. I can’t wait to get your skin crawling. 

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When Bobby was a little bitty baby, the spirits came to him... surrounded by a maternal grandmother who was well versed in Greek mysticism and psychic ability. Bob's first solo spiritual encounter took place when he was 4 and his maternal grandfather had passed of a major heart attack while shoveling snow. Young Bob saw his beloved grandfather blue in the face while waiting for the rescue squad to arrive. That night, he awoke to a need to pee. His room was right off of the kitchen and when he walked to the bathroom, he saw the image of his grandfather at the kitchen table. Spellbound, he watched for a moment, as the image, shrouded in a neon green electric current, waved him over to him. Bob went to stand next to his dead grandfather's Ghost for a moment, until his grandfather waved him to the bathroom. After peeing, he saw his grandfather wave goodbye and direct him to Bob's bedroom. The next morning, while Bob's mom was getting him dressed to meet the vast number of people who had gathered, Bob tried to tell her the story of the previous night...Finally his mother understood and grabbed him half-dressed to go and meet the family Priest. Bob told and retold the story of seeing his grandfather many times that morning, but felt okay with his grandfather passing.

Bob has multiple experiences with dead relatives and associates.


Bob has always had a connection with spirits who have passed on.

Whether in Europe, at home, in South America or Central America, he has been able to discern changes in energy and has had many encounters with spirits. Bob has an extensive background in academia and the humanities and has also studied Santeria in Cuba as well as other pagan religions in the Caribbean.


Bob had a post-death experience when he had a major myocardial infarction and was able to look down upon the cardiac surgeons working to save his life and had passed through a tunnel of light. He has had intense personal experiences where he was able to astro-project with former lovers and is plagued by regular dreams of future events and he often sees dead people.


Bob frequently says that the building housing Shakers found him, more than he was looking for it. Enjoy his tales of his experiences if you are fortunate to have him as a guide. His Ghost Tours are beyond comparison.


As a San Diego native who moved to the Cream City about 5 years ago, Milwaukee is my chosen home because of its rich history and interesting people. Shakers, of course, has more than its fair share of both! I love meeting guests from all over the world, as well as locals who have their own salacious stories to share. An avid traveler, I have been to spooky sites such as the Catacombs of Rome, the Vortexes and Indigenous Cliff Dwellings of Sedona, AZ, and to various beautiful hotels and estates with hidden dark sides that become true page turners. I often ponder, what is more frightening- the unsettling occurrences in so many locations, or the willingness of folks to misjudge those on the fringes of society in ways that drive them to a haunting and lasting madness? Understanding the lives of those who came before us is of the utmost importance to me, and I am captivated by learning about them as people… and now, in their continued existence, as spirits. I have always respected and revered the paranormal world, and have now found myself on this strange journey to understand its secrets. I hope you will join me, with a drink and cigar in hand!


Unlike any ordinary job, I was drawn to Shakers, it pulled me in, and I felt deeply connected from the start. When I first took the tour, I knew I wanted to be a guide so that I could experience the spirits on a more intimate level. I moved to Milwaukee from Washington DC seven years ago and have been fascinated by the history and culture of the midwest ever since, particularly its hauntings. I am an avid Cinephile and enjoy challenging my mind's endurance by taking it to dark places in movies. Spirits feed off the energy of people, which is why a lively bar such as Shakers is so haunted. Exploring the building with you makes for a unique experience every time. I look forward to showing you around, and seeing the space take on a new dimension by your presence.


As a kid, I probably played the Ouija board and watched Forensic Files a little too frequently for someone my age. As an adult, I still have that unquenchable thirst for knowledge - especially that concerning the unknown and the abnormal. As an English Major/Psych minor, the combination of researching, writing about, and dissecting topics concerning the twisted and the paranormal is right up my alley. Being the research assistant for Hangman Tours, I'm given the opportunity to peel back some of the layers of the dark and the strange associated with this business, as well as inform, learn and experience a side of the spiritual world that I had never gotten to explore to this depth before.