Stephanie Hutnik is a Psychic Medium originally from Detroit, MI now living in Savannah, GA. Stephanie realized she was gifted at an early age. That added to her morbid fascination with the paranormal. At the age of 17, she had a premonition of her best friends death, only to wake up to the news they had died the next morning. After suppressing her gifts for a while, Stephanie has spent the past few years honing in on her gifts and fine tuning them. Stephanie spent sometime on a Paranormal Team and is now on her own ready to help the living or dead in anyway she can. You can listen to her on her new Podcast! Girls Vs Ghosts Media Presents, "A Mind's Eye" and on Monday nights on Paranormal Buzz Radio.



I am a lover of the natural occurrences in the universe (including life & death) by default, as I born on Earth Day.  Finding spirituality has further deepened my connection with the universe, as I strive to create a better world. I grew up in several haunted houses and was sometimes unaware of how to interpret or coexist with the things I experienced. Finding Shakers, where I could further explore the spirit world is a perfect match!



An experience at a young age led me to a life of curiosity and awareness of the paranormal. I continue to believe in the presence of spirits and their desire to communicate with the living. I am also interested in true crime and have been since my early teens. From the mob activity to notorious serial killers, I find the history of this city riveting. Shakers is the perfect accumulation of my spiritual and true crime fascinations.





At first impression, I seem like your typical mother of 2 hilarious adult children and happy wife who sword fights and re-enacts Viking life with her spouse.

She hosts a proverbial zoo of pets in her home and has an affinity to rescue any and all 

plants. But, like most in the realm of the unknown, there is so much more...

Having been a Clairsentient (Ghost Detector) most of my life, I had learned Tarot Cards, Spirit Boards and the Pendulum at a relatively early age. Entering college-life at the young age of 17, I began to seriously question everything unknown and unexplained.

I dove deeply into Abnormal Psychology, Forensic Studies, Parapsychology, Paranormal Investigations, Cultural views of Death and Dying, and Demonology.

Over 25 years later, I continue to use my mediumship, as well as science, during paranormal investigations, evidence documentation and reviewing, and assisting communications.

I am absolutely elated being a tour guide at Shakers Cigar Bar. The blend of old world history, paranormal activity, sharing true tales of paranormal and crime is the perfect marriage to the hobbies I have nurtured for so many decades.

I am honored to be your Shakers tour guide! Let's go explore!


As a kid, I probably played the Ouija board and watched Forensic Files a little too frequently for someone my age. As an adult, I still have that unquenchable thirst for knowledge - especially that concerning the unknown and the abnormal. As an English Major/Psych minor, the combination of researching, writing about, and dissecting topics concerning the twisted and the paranormal is right up my alley. Being the research assistant for Hangman Tours, I'm given the opportunity to peel back some of the layers of the dark and the strange associated with this business, as well as inform, learn and experience a side of the spiritual world that I had never gotten to explore to this depth before.


From early childhood, I’ve had experiences that, over time, have brought me to a better understanding of oneself and my surroundings. I’m often questioning and digging deeper into what may be before and after life. I have always been intrigued by psychology and sociology, to try and better understand the development and processes our brains are built on. This just so happens to tie in greatly with what Shaker’s and Hangman Tours has to offer. I stumbled upon the opportunity to further grasp the idea of what may come after death, as well as encounter the afterlife that still resides here with us. I find so much excitement in getting to share their stories and maybe even share an experience with you as well. Come on in and experience the outer world with me!



I am a meek and mild housewife by day, and supernatural huntress by night. I grew up next to a cemetery and lived in a haunted house, so ghosts and death have always held a fascination for me. In college I was a psychology major, and that started a love affair with life beyond death. I always have a book about spirits or death on my nightstand.   Part of that interest has now spilled over into serial killers, and the Cream City Cannibal tour has become my favorite to lead.

Having worked at Shakers for over a year now, and being a patron for almost 10 years, I have had numerous encounters with the spirits that reside there.  Yes, I do go in the building by myself, and so many times have that wonderful tingle along the spine that tells me one is nearby.   Come take a tour with me so we can explore ‘the things that go bump in the night’! 







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