When Bobby was a little bitty baby, the spirits came to him... surrounded by a maternal grandmother who was well versed in Greek mysticism and psychic ability. Bob's first solo spiritual encounter took place when he was 4 and his maternal grandfather had passed of a major heart attack while shoveling snow. Young Bob saw his beloved grandfather blue in the face while waiting for the rescue squad to arrive. That night, he awoke to a need to pee. His room was right off of the kitchen and when he walked to the bathroom, he saw the image of his grandfather at the kitchen table. Spellbound, he watched for a moment, as the image, shrouded in a neon green electric current, waved him over to him. Bob went to stand next to his dead grandfather's Ghost for a moment, until his grandfather waved him to the bathroom. After peeing, he saw his grandfather wave goodbye and direct him to Bob's bedroom. The next morning, while Bob's mom was getting him dressed to meet the vast number of people who had gathered, Bob tried to tell her the story of the previous night...Finally his mother understood and grabbed him half-dressed to go and meet the family Priest. Bob told and retold the story of seeing his grandfather many times that morning, but felt okay with his grandfather passing.

Bob has multiple experiences with dead relatives and associates.


Bob has always had a connection with spirits who have passed on.

Whether in Europe, at home, in South America or Central America, he has been able to discern changes in energy and has had many encounters with spirits. Bob has an extensive background in academia and the humanities and has also studied Santeria in Cuba as well as other pagan religions in the Caribbean.


Bob had a post-death experience when he had a major myocardial infarction and was able to look down upon the cardiac surgeons working to save his life and had passed through a tunnel of light. He has had intense personal experiences where he was able to astro-project with former lovers and is plagued by regular dreams of future events and he often sees dead people.


Bob frequently says that the building housing Shakers found him, more than he was looking for it. Enjoy his tales of his experiences if you are fortunate to have him as a guide. His Ghost Tours are beyond comparison.


I was given my first tarot deck by my mother at the age of ten. Since that day, I have been on a never ending quest to learn everything I can about the paranormal, witchcraft, metaphysical and death. In my teen years I added another interest; forensics. Which of course lead to a fascination with serial killers. Living in a haunted house over the last few years really helped me become even more in touch with the afterlife and learn to respect it on another level. I am completely engrossed in this lifestyle and when I saw an opportunity to work for Shakers and Hangman tours, I jumped on it. It has allowed me to share my excitement for the history, the abnormal, as well as psychology of serial killers with other like-minded (or at least open-minded) people. Join me for a drink and a cigar while I tell you the story of what we now lovingly call Shaker’s Cigar Bar.


Leah Michele Mailloux, Shakers’s freshest host and tour guide, moved from her tiny village of Williams Bay to Milwaukee in 2012. She is a UWM and MATC alumna, with college-given knowledge in Journalism, Advertising, Media Studies, Art & Design, Dental Assisting, and French Language & Culture.  


She keeps busy outside of Shaker's with her freelance photography business. Leah has a fondness for the arts and enjoys photography, creating special effects make-up, writing, reading, singing, painting, making music playlists, and acting when she can. 


In her free time, Leah also likes to craft up wizardry in the kitchen, play with her kitties (Flapjack and Clomper), and watch true crime documentaries, stand-up comedy, and 1960s sitcoms. She keeps the spooky going with her passion for bat conservation, reverence for rainy days, and an extensive sad clown collection. She cannot wait to take you on a spooky journey, and if you feel the need to buy her a drink afterward, her go-to is a gin & tonic.  



Lover of all things art, historical, and spooky I stumbled into Shaker’s 2 years ago and fell in love with the energy of the building. Growing up I was always fascinated by learning everything I could about a new place and was especially drawn to places that had a strong historical and supernatural background. In high school and early college years I would go on road trips with friends to find local and distant supernatural spots and we would do a bit of amateur ghost hunting. Some of the many places I’ve been to and have explored include Bellefontaine Cemetery in St.Louis MO, Cave Hill Cemetery Louisville KY, The Haunted Vaults Edinburgh  UK, Greyfriars Kirkyard Edinburgh UK, and many more. 


My favorite part of working at Shaker’s and being a tour guide for Hangman Tours is that everyday I get to come to work and interact with our  resident and traveling spirits. Throughout my life I have been exposed to many types of spiritual interaction everything from full apparitions, shadow people, spirits grabbing my hand and I’ve even seen poltergeist activity of objects like latched cabinet doors opening on their own. Come take a tour with me and I’ll tell you all about the supernatural history here at Shaker’s and some of my own experiences since I started working here! 



I am a meek and mild housewife by day, and supernatural huntress by night. I grew up next to a cemetery and lived in a haunted house, so ghosts and death have always held a fascination for me. In college I was a psychology major, and that started a love affair with life beyond death. I always have a book about spirits or death on my nightstand.   Part of that interest has now spilled over into serial killers, and the Cream City Cannibal tour has become my favorite to lead.

Having worked at Shakers for over a year now, and being a patron for almost 10 years, I have had numerous encounters with the spirits that reside there.  Yes, I do go in the building by myself, and so many times have that wonderful tingle along the spine that tells me one is nearby.   Come take a tour with me so we can explore ‘the things that go bump in the night’! 


Unlike any ordinary job, I was drawn to Shakers, it pulled me in, and I felt deeply connected from the start. When I first took the tour, I knew I wanted to be a guide so that I could experience the spirits on a more intimate level. I moved to Milwaukee from Washington DC seven years ago and have been fascinated by the history and culture of the midwest ever since, particularly its hauntings. I am an avid Cinephile and enjoy challenging my mind's endurance by taking it to dark places in movies. Spirits feed off the energy of people, which is why a lively bar such as Shakers is so haunted. Exploring the building with you makes for a unique experience every time. I look forward to showing you around, and seeing the space take on a new dimension by your presence.



"You musn’t be afraid of the dark.’ ‘I’m not,’ said Shadow. ‘I’m afraid of the people in the dark." 

-American Gods


Walk with me as I take you on a journey of two realms I’ve come to grow with and divine spirits both near and far. Being born into Hoodoo from the Caribbean’s and having a strong faith in my Native American background and culture it would be no surprise that I would work at such a magical place like Shaker's Cigar Bar and Hangman Tours. As a little girl my favorite movie was The Shining and I bet you're wondering why….Well I finally saw a little kid like me who could see and hear what I heard without anyone believing them but the only difference is I wasn’t afraid to use my power.  As an adult, by embracing the gifts I developed from childhood, it opened the opportunity for me to work as the Hostess with the Mostess amd Tour Guide at Shaker's. Let me tell you, on my first day I really don’t know who was more excited me or the ghost but over time I’ve grown to coexist with the light and dark of the building no matter the energy. 


Join me on a tour where their past meets your presence and a little cocktail won’t hurt as you get comfortable with the familiars of the night. 



I am right-handed but play basketball and hockey favoring my left.   I also had a cardboard cutout of Freddy Krueger in my bedroom when I was in 3rd Grade.

From a young age I was always attracted to subjects that were "off the beaten path" and a little bit odd.   

I have always been a believer in the supernatural (not the show - although I do understand the appeal with those gorgeous brothers).  While other kids were scared of ghosts and spirits, I was always fascinated by them and jumped at every opportunity to learn more and (hopefully) share and experience with them.

Hangman Tours is the perfect outlet for me to enjoy my love and adoration for the supernatural while also satisfying my proclivity for teaching and sharing information with others.

Come out and enjoy a tour with me - it will be an experience to remember, I promise!


As a kid, I probably played the Ouija board and watched Forensic Files a little too frequently for someone my age. As an adult, I still have that unquenchable thirst for knowledge - especially that concerning the unknown and the abnormal. As an English Major/Psych minor, the combination of researching, writing about, and dissecting topics concerning the twisted and the paranormal is right up my alley. Being the research assistant for Hangman Tours, I'm given the opportunity to peel back some of the layers of the dark and the strange associated with this business, as well as inform, learn and experience a side of the spiritual world that I had never gotten to explore to this depth before.


"Que no lo veas y lo sientas no significa que no existe abre tu mente a una experiencia paranormal’’

Cuando tenía 14 años no conozco sobre demonología pero tuve una aparición de un demonio en forma de sombra con ojos rojos y una sonrisa tallada de oreja a oreja y tuve una revelación de parte de mi madre  que mis tátara abuelas de parte de ella realizaba santería y por ende puedo percibir energías negativas y sensaciones que me hacen saber que hay un espíritu cerca.

Soy puertorriqueño sobreviviente de dos huracanes uno llamado George  y el otro huracán llamado María  lo que me atrajo a Shaker solía ser un cliente pero me habían contado de los tours y los quería intentar para ver o saber de que trataba y me sentí muy atraído a este lugar porque se mantenía muy a lo clásico y cuando me entere de los espíritus me atrajo mucho mas por que podía sentir su presencia si quieren la misma experiencias que tuve y que tengo cada vez que trabajo seré su guía en un mundo atreves  del velo de la vida y los espíritus.  


"That you do not see it and feel it does not mean that it does not exist,  open your mind to a paranormal experience."


When I was 14 I do not know about demonology but I had an appearance of a demon in the form of a shadow with red eyes and a smile carved from ear to ear and I had a revelation from my mother that my great grandmothers on her part performed santeria and therefore I can perceive negative energies and sensations that let me know that there is a spirit nearby.


I am a Puerto Rican survivor of two hurricanes, one called George and the other hurricane called María, what attracted me to Shaker, I used to be a client but they had told me about the tours and I wanted to try them to see or know what it was about and I felt very attracted to this place because it stayed very classic and when I found out about the spirits it attracted me much more because I could feel their presence if you want the same experiences that I had and that I have every time I work I will be your guide in a world through the veil of the life and spirits.







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