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Milwaukee's Haunted & Historical Tours

Ghosts, cannibals, hookers, oh my! Voted one of the top five most haunted bars in the nation - shakers Offers a series of historically accurate tours to suit anyone’s proclivities. Hangman Tours helps you get a little more cozy with Milwaukee in a captivating way.


Ghost Tour Indemnification:

By purchasing tickets, you assume all risk for any injury, damage, harm, death or psychic calamity while on this location and participating in and all activities related to taking a Ghost Tour and agree to hold harmless the management, staff, and owners of this location. We realize you may opt-out of this indemnification by providing written notice at least 14 days prior to taking the Ghost Tour.

shakers original ghost tour

Voted one of the FIVE most haunted bars in the entire nation, Shakers Original Ghost Tour lets you take an uneasy glimpse into the establishment's sordid past. Once a Capone-owned building and home to a cemetery, speakeasy, and brothel, Shaker's walls DO talk - and the tales they tell aren't always pretty. 60 minutes. Indoors. Please arrive 20 min. before tour start time. ​Sunday & Monday: $20/person Tuesday - Thursday: $25/person Friday & Saturday: $35/person


5:45 pm | 7 pm | 8:30 pm

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Shakers Ghost Tour 2.0

The longer, grittier, more salacious version of the Original Ghost Tour. Get down and dirty with decades of scandal and tragic history, and really get to know our resident ghosts. The Ghost Tour 2.0 makes use of classic divining rods to communicate with the spirits of Shakers Cigar Bar. This tour is truly a hands-on ghost experience for hearty paranormal enthusiasts. 90 minutes. Indoors. Please arrive 20 min. before tour start time. Thursdays: $35/person Fridays & Saturdays: $40/person

thursday, friday, saturday

10:00 pm


cream city cannibal Tour 

ADULTS ONLY! As seen on BBC - yes, that BBC. This tour is so gruesome, NBC called it the "Tour of Terror" and Netflix picked it as one of eight most unique adventure tours in the world for the series, "Dark Tourist." The CCC Tour has been featured in the John Borowski film, "Serial Killer Culture," and used by regional University Psychology and Criminal Justice departments. Walk in the exact footsteps of cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, where he poached 7 of his 17 victims. Rife with tales of caution, psychological dissection, and terrifying details, the Cream City Cannibal is not for the faint of heart. 75 minutes. Outdoor, rain or shine. Please arrive 20 min. before tour start time. $40/person Meeting Location: 422 S. 2nd Street This is an outdoor walking tour - Please dress appropriately for Milwaukee weather.​

friday - 6pm, 8pm

saturday - 4, 6, & 8pm

sundays - 3pm


Milwaukee Mobsters & Mafia Tour

NEW & OPEN FOR BOOKING! Step back in time to the heart of Milwaukee’s Mafia era. The Milwaukee Mobsters & Mafia Tour gives you all the unseemly details of the notorious figures, infamous events, and clandestine activities that shaped Milwaukee’s criminal landscape. Milwaukee’s Third Ward had a much different vibe once upon a time and was once heavily connected to the city’s organized crime. Traverse the streets with us and discover the hidden stories behind prominent landmarks and lesser-known spots that played crucial roles in the city’s mob history as we paint a vivid picture of how the Mafia’s presence influenced the city’s development and culture. Every corner holds a story, and every building has secrets of the past... And they’re all tangled together in a web of alliances, betrayals, and power plays that defined Milwaukee’s Mafia history.

join us for our FIRST WEEKEND LAUNCH:



1:00 PM + 3:00 PM


corporate team builders

Shakers Corporate Events are a fun, spooky and unique experience perfect for your next work-outing. Suitable for 6-50 attendees. Includes: Shakers Original Ghost Tour Team Scavenger Hunt with Prizes for winning team Pizza party with Shakers Hand-made Gourmet Pizza Pi's Swag and Unrivaled bonding experience for all 1 Shakers Ghost Ale per person or Sprecher Root Beer Soda All inclusive. $75/person


5:30 PM

Additional Dates & Times Available by Request.
Advance reservation is required.


the whorin' 20's tour

Preferred by bachelorette and bridal parties for its bawdy and hip slant on life with stories as old as time itself. From opulent marble foyers for the landed gentry in top hats driving Dusenbergs, to commonfolk enjoying donkeys and horses in stables, Milwaukee was once the best convention city in the USA. In the late 1800s, the honorable Mayor David Rose allowed wide open prostitution, gambling, & opium - so long as it was contained to one area - making MKE one of the most sought-after destination cities of its time. Come on a story-telling journey along the River Walk, where we paint a true portrait of old Milwaukee from its sexy side, and meet some of the classiest brothel madams of yore. 60 minutes. Outdoor, rain or shine. Please arrive 20 min. before tour start time. $40/person Meeting Location: Corner of E. State St. and N. Edison St., across from the Marcus Performing Arts Center

Seasonal SCHEDULE:

April - September

Saturdays - 3 pm

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Ghost hunting Tour 3.0

Exclusive 3-hour investigation of the witching hour (Midnight– 3 AM) led this summer by veteraned tour guide, Ciji. The paranormal investigation begins with our 2.0 Ghost Tour to set the stage on the historical and spiritual elements of the building and to learn about the many mysterious tales from those who have lived and died here. Includes access to ghost hunting equipment such as digital voice recorders (for capturing EVPs), infrared thermometers, EMF detectors, divination rods and MORE! Spend the night exploring hot spots at this one of a kind Historic Venue with the help of experienced paranormal investigators. Select souvenir gift from our Hangman Shop merchandise included - Spiritual Adviser present during tour for guidance - Use of drugs and excessive alcohol use is prohibited and will be escorted out if disruptive behavior affects the experience of others. Extremely limited number of tickets. Available for only a few selective dates throughout the year.

Saturday, June 22nd

Midnight - 3:00 AM


the milwauking dead tour

Filled with tragedy and disaster, the Milwauking Dead Tour covers over 150 dead bodies in a mile and a half. City Hall suicides, hotel fires, sinking ships, and desperation all swirl through macabre tales of Milwaukee's dark side of history. Though not a ghost tour, you cannot help but feel the presence of loss all around you in this one-of-a-kind nighttime tour event. Watch for the new iteration of this epic tour, where we put the focus upon the BLOODY THIRD WARD of Milwaukee. 60 minutes. Outdoor, rain or shine.

check back soon!


private tours

Get a more intimate spiritual experience with Shakers Private Tours! Any tour, any time upon request. Advance notice IS REQUIRED. Call ahead to guarantee your tour time. Available for small parties only. Please arrive 20 min. before tour start time. $90/person


5:00 PM

Additional Dates &Times Available by Request.
Advance reservation is required.


savannah ghost tours

[Savannah, Georgia] Hangman Tours Savannah Spirits Series Savannah is widely known as one of the country’s most “spirited” cities. Step into any historic building or cemetery here, and you may just catch sight of ghostly presences surrounding you. Experience the legends and facts of the city on our Hangman Tours – Savannah Spirits Series with Michael Taylor. Let our experienced paranormal investigator be your guide through the spirit realm of Savannah's Historic District. $35/person Meeting Location: In front of the Mercer-Williams House Museum, 429 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401


3 pm | 5 pm | 7 pm


savannah ghost hunting 3.0

[Savannah, Georgia] Hangman Tours Savannah Spirits Series Allow our Savannah tour guide, paranormal investigator Michael Taylor, guide you through his ghost hunting masterclass. Savannah is so beautiful that the dead never truly depart. Get to know the infamous names that once resided in Savannah's historic district... and still do. Professional equipment provided. $100/person Meeting Location: In front of the Mercer-Williams House Museum, 429 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

Every first friday of the month

real ghost stories

​The Hangman Blog provides a mere glimpse into the enigmatic hauntings that unfurl within the hallowed halls of 422 S. 2nd Street in Milwaukee, WI, where the echoes of history softly coexist with the clamor of the present. The recollections of those who’ve participated in Hangman Tours at any capacity, from customers to staff, are well-documented for readers to witness the eerie phenomena that transpire within these walls..​.

Ghost gear:
rock the novelty items

skeptics should try this tour

"The tour was great. Learned a lot about the history of the place and the spirits that reside there... i did take a lot of pics (which is recommended) and we were told sometimes it takes a while for them to show up in photos. The rods were undoubtedly the most interesting part. I would highly recommend anyone who is skeptical to try [it] out."
- j. hef

one of the best guides i've had

"very knowledgeable and one of the best guides i've had on a ghost tour in comparison with many other ghost tours i've been on around the world. loved being able to use dowsing rods to ask spirits questions. anyone who loves the paranormal will love this tour!"
- Alissa Allen

went above and beyond

Shakers is full of spooky and interesting history delivered with a dash of sarcasm and humor. absolutely haunted. loved hearing about the brothel upstairs (owned by al capone!) and the 2.0 tour even came with extra goodies at the end! would definitely recommend."
- caroline martin
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