Every city has its skeletons, but Milwaukee’s seem to rise up now and again to give us a glimpse into corruption, scandal, business savvy brothel girls, and the restless ghosts of its past. 

Milwaukee has it’s vibrations, like any active town, but they seem to shake harder at night. It seems that the spirit of the city wants to break out and tell its daring tales. And Hangman Tours is the vessel to breathe life into the city’s colorful history.


Milwaukee's quirkiest historic tours

Milwaukee’s quirkiest historic tours. Ghosts, cannibals, hookers, oh my! Offering a series of historically accurate tours to suit anyone’s proclivities, Hangman Tours helps you get a little more cozy with Milwaukee in a captivating way.

"I've already done the tour twice and fully intend to do it again. It's so much fun! I love that there's still plenty of history to see and feel."


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422 S. 2nd St. Milwaukee, WI 53204 (office) 

Call 414-272-4222 for more information

Sunday- Saturday beginning at Noon.*



 * other times are available for corporate events and group parties


Upcoming  events  at  shakers  Cigar  bar

Shakers Milwaukee and Waxing Gibbous Tarot Present: The return of the Ghost Tales Mondays!

Photo by Kelly Bolter

We thought we would resurrect an old Shakers favorite... Ghost Tales story circles! Led by Shakers Milwaukee tarot reader, seance witch, and medium Emily Hall... Come find out what spirits from the streets of Old Milwaukee still roam the old Speakeasy, seeking notoriety, fame, and their story told. Who is the mysterious Polish Girl? What does Molly, our famous "A" girl say to the resident mediums? Who is the Man in the Bowler Hat? Why was a mysterious Little Boy named Charlie spotted over and over by different mediums? What does Elizabeth have to say about readers in the back room? What about the 8 foot shadow being? Let Emily regale you with various tales from her 2 years in residence at Shakers and tell you how she came to peace with the other Residents. 

Gin Mill Graveyard Seances

Gin Mill Graveyard Seances are back for the 2020 Shakers season. Find Emily Hall, tarot reader and medium in Thursday night and occasional Friday or Saturday residence, offering Gin Mill Graveyard Seances this Fall. She uses Carrie Paris and Andrew Mac Gregor's Charming Dead Oracles to speak to the spirits around you. This kit comes in a cigar box and contains charms and an interactive Map of the Archetypes of the Dead, to tell you the personality of any spirits around you. You cast the charms on the Map and Emily will read any ghostly presences in your vicinity. She has a year's experience with doing mediumship in this manner, and amazes patrons at various venues on a weekly basis with the Charming Dead Oracles. Each Seance will include a 10 minute session with Emily and also a group session for spirit messages. We will light candles, hold hands, invoke the speakeasy spirits, and then see who comes through. You never know who you will meet, alive or dead, at Shakers!

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Spring Series, TBD

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Ghost story circles: TBD

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Corporate TEAM BUILDER at Shakers


This includes:

1)   A private Ghost Tour for your team of four floors of one of the Five Most Haunted Bars in America;

including the very haunted Cellar under the building which was formerly a cemetery and

where you will be standing in former occupants graves, the second floor "B Girl" Brothel, which is also where several hospitality workers committed suicide and the third floor Brothel penthouse where one "A Girl" was murdered and hacked apart and her bones found in the floorboards in 2001.

2)    Gourmet Pizzas for your team

3)    One each Shakers Ghost Ale or Sprecher Root Beer

4)    A Scavenger hunt of questions

5)    Cool Ghost Prizes & Fun memories of a unique venue for your staff to chat about for years.


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