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Reelin' In The Years

While it is true that many things can come home with you from Shakers, there are spirits that can follow you to Shakers as well…

Those who have died, like our loved ones, do tend to stay with us, watch over us, or guide us from the ethereal realm. Because Shakers is as active as it is, spirits frequently find it easier to manifest and better make themselves known at this paranormal “hot spot.” We have many tour guests on our 2.0 Tour communicate with their departed loved ones using our divination rods, but my favorite story comes from one of Shaker’s séances.

The first séance I ever attended was in October of 2018 at Shakers Halloween Séance Series. Over two nights, we had two different psychic mediums holding the séances, each bringing something different to the literal table and offering a unique experience.

On night one of the Séance Series, several connections were made during the gathering. Personal ties to the departed were reaffirmed, as known relatives and friends of the participants came through the medium. The medium was impressive in her ability to grasp the messages being sent to her.

One of the participants then spoke up, “My father recently passed away. Do you think you can contact him? Is he here?”

The medium paused momentarily, closed her eyes, and took several heavy inhales. Her brow furrowed and she grimaced slightly, as if she was straining herself to tap into something, or perhaps grappling with unexpected revelations.

“I’m sorry,” the medium finally told her. “I’m not getting anything. If he is here, he doesn’t feel like talking. He’s not coming through for me.”

The girl was disappointed, but tried to shrug it off. “Sounds like dad,” she remarked with bittersweet humor.

That moment, the song playing on the bar speakers downstairs changed, and the volume seemed to increase dramatically. It was suddenly loud enough that we could hear it clearly from the second floor. If I remember right, it was some Steely Dan song.

Before the medium had moved on, the inquiring girl gasped, “Oh my god!”

She began laughing and weeping at the same time. The rest of us exchanged looks with each other, eager to know the reason for her sudden outburst.

“This was my dad’s favorite song,” she said.

As it turned out, her father had chosen a different way to convey his presence. He may not have wanted to say much, but he certainly made himself heard. Sometimes, actions indeed speak louder than words.

- Marley Decker, Marketing & Media Manager

Have your own Shakers seance experience this Halloween Season at our upcoming Full Moon Seance Series with Isabelle Rizo.

Friday, October 27th & Saturday, October 28th 8:00 & 10:00 PM in our haunted second floor brothel, The Redlight Room Seance.

Midnight in our notoriously active cellar basement, Cellar Depths Seance


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