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Unexpected Guests

Upon further inspection of some photographs taken at Shakers Cigar Bar, some customers seemed to have spotted something (or someone) not initially visible to the naked eye.

[Photo 1] It Seems a few extra patrons wanted to join us during our holiday parties! This customer, Tonie K., popped into Shakers for a cocktail this past December. Tonie claims there are 3 people seen in the reflection in the mirror that weren’t actually there.

[Photo 2] The following two photographs date back to 2016. Still, once this anonymous customer had them appear in her phone “memories,” she noticed something she hadn’t when they were originally taken. In the first photo, there is clearly a woman in a white dress. If you zoom in, you can see the face of what seems to be an angry man to her left.

[Photo 3] The same anonymous customer sent us this one as well. In it, you see our 3rd-floor fireplace, where there is very clearly an orb where Molly Brennan’s remains were burned. The customer says her sister swears she can see a face on the right side of the orb. In her email to us, she says:

“I travel to NOLA every year, taking tours and many pictures. These are the best and most clear I have seen!”

[Photos 4-9] This series of photographs were taken and sent just this past Thursday from tour-goer Lenny P.

Have any paranormal beings decided they were ready for their close-up during your time with us? Send us your photos and experience, and get featured on the Hangman Blog!

Submit your ghostly Shakers experiences and pictures to


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