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Unwanted Advances

Kelly was a tour guide with us about a decade ago. She was a hairdresser with vibrant, long red hair and a large bust. Kelly also practiced a form of witchcraft and had a fascination with the Occult and making “horror dolls.” She was a very good tour guide. She had a passion for her work.

One Friday night, she had two full tours scheduled for 15 people each. Shortly after the first tour had gone into the cellar, the entire group hurriedly came upstairs and came to the front bar. Kelly, among them, was white as a ghost. Kelly normally did not drink; however, this night, she ordered and pounded three shots of tequila in succession. It took several minutes to discover what had happened on the tour, as so many people were chattering at the same time.

It turns out that Kelly was using the rods and speaking about the spirit O’Connor, who likes to tug on women’s hair or caress their butts – especially blondes and redheads. It was then that Kelly’s hair was violently tugged to the side. It was pulled so hard that people describe seeing her hair dragged to that side and sticking straight out, as if someone had a hold of it.

After drinking her shots, Kelly dutifully continued her 7pm tour upstairs in the brothels without further incident. Next up for the 8:30 tour, at about the same time that she was in the cellar, again everyone ran upstairs. This time (and it’s an all-new group of people), everybody was describing Kelly being pushed up against the fieldstone wall in the back of the basement and depressions in her voluminous bodice, which people described as looking as if handprints were on her dress. Kelly ran out the door.

Many months later, Kelly came back into Shakers. She had cut her long, beautiful red hair and dyed it black. She swore to never go into that cellar again. She admitted that she was mocking O’Connor on the tours for being a typical, lazy, brutish, and ignorant Irish bastard who could not handle a live woman when the attacks took place.

Careful what you wish for…


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