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3.0 Ghost Hunting - Secrets Revealed

Michael Taylor is a nationally renowned Ghost Hunter known at Shakers for leading the exclusive Tour 3.0. This spine-chilling journey delves into the supernatural mysteries of the witching hour, from Midnight to 3 AM. This unique three-hour investigation allows participants a more profound and interactive spiritual experience, uncovering the eerie hauntings that lurk within the confines of Shakers Cigar Bar.

Equipped with ghost-hunting tools such as digital voice recorders for capturing EVPs, infrared thermometers, EMF detectors, divination rods, and an array of other paranormal equipment, those brave enough can explore the enigmatic depths of this historic venue alongside experienced paranormal investigators. However, the Tour 3.0 is only available on a select few fateful nights each year.

In March of this year, Michael Taylor graced the tour with his presence, conducting the chilling 3.0. What he encountered that night sent shivers down his spine as he reported the tour's findings to our marketing and media manager.

"Molly reacted heavily to all the devices in the kitchen on the third floor. She was extremely responsive, as if she had been waiting for us. At one point, I distinctly heard the sound of crying emanating from the dreaded abortion room."

Taylor's expression grew graver as he continued, "But the most disturbing revelation came when the paranormal devices on the third floor started going haywire. They indicated something unthinkable - the possibility of more than just memories lingering there. It suggested the presence of more cadavers concealed behind the very brick walls that surrounded us. Molly hinted at something even more sinister—a cryptic message of weapons stashed away in the ceilings, as if these spectral remnants were guarding secrets even in death."

As he concluded his chilling report, Michael Taylor couldn't help but wonder what other horrors lay hidden within the walls of Shakers Cigar Bar, waiting for the next intrepid souls to uncover their spectral secrets during the witching hour. He awaits his next appearance to uncover more.

Michael Taylor returns to lead another 3.0 Ghost Hunting tour this October - Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, 2023.

Spots are extremely limited. You can secure your spot here.

[The above report is from the 3.0 Tour in March, 2023. Featured photograph is from the 3.0 Tour during Halloween, 2022.]


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