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Creepy Photo from The Archives

The above picture is one of our most apparent photographed apparitions to date.

The photo was submitted by a tour guest back in 2018. The girl you see in the picture wanted to do the Shakers Original Ghost Tour for her sixteenth birthday. In the background of this photograph, you will see a very obvious figure peering in at her from the window.

This level of our building is located on the third floor. It is impossible for someone to be peering in this window from outside.

Mirrors, windows, photos, water - most reflective surfaces serve as a portal to another world. Those who believe in ghosts believe them to be gateways to the other side.

While it's up to interpretation as to what or who this figure may be, in the zoom-ed in image (below), it seems to us as if it might be the spirit of a young boy. Several people have reported the ghost of a little boy here at Shakers, including one of our current tour guides and one of our guest mediums.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below...


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