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Children Can Grow So Attached...

There is a spirit of a little boy that I sense follows me. He’s usually at my house, but I believe that he’s followed me to Shakers on more than one occasion.

I started feeling the boy’s presence in my home when we first moved on March 14th, 2020 – though I didn’t know who he was or that he was a small child at the time. My children and I have noticed things moving, getting knocked off of counters, and hearing noises in the house not caused by us or the cat. We would all experience the same things, so I knew it wasn’t just my imagination.

I called upon a personal friend of mine who possesses spiritual medium gifts. She confirmed for me that there was, in fact, a spirit presence in my house and that he was a very young boy.

Once on my shift at Shakers, I attempted to communicate with the little boy, as I felt that he followed me. I was able to get some answers through the divining rods, and through a series of questions (whether being answered by the boy or not), I found out that his name was Eric.

He continues to follow me and makes knocking sounds during my tours – especially when we use the divining rods. It’s as if he is validating the answers that Molly (a resident spirit of Shaker’s) is giving us.

Up on the third floor, there is an old, child-sized chair we have in one of the rooms. On a tour, we were using the divining rods on the third-floor portion, and one of the ladies on my tour pointed something out. She said that she thought she saw someone sitting in that child-sized chair. She said she still felt them sitting there. Using the rods, she asked Molly if it was a visiting spirit. Over a series of questions, Molly said that it was a young boy under 10 years old. When asked where the spirit was sitting, Molly moved both rods to point at the chair. The guest then asked who the spirit was following. One rod stayed pointing at the chair, and the other one pointed at me directly across the room.

When the rod pointed at me, I asked Molly if it was Eric. The answer was a quick “yes,” no hesitation. The guest then asked Molly if Eric was her son. While I cannot confirm or deny this to be factual, Molly responded, “yes.”

Since this happened, Eric follows me there each time. Molly states the same answers to these questions. It feels like weird synchronicity, Eric being in my home. However, it’s not the first time these weird coincidences have happened to me at Shakers. I feel like it was fate that brought me to work here, and my experience with Eric is one that confirms that. I’ve asked Molly with the rods if she also believes that I was destined to be here – like it was just meant to be. To that, she says, “yes.”

-Ciji Tour Guide


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