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The Woman in the Photograph

The photographs above are a customer submission, taken on a tour Friday, April 1st of 2022.

The framed picture in the background is not of a person, nor is it of anything that resembles one. The silhouette of a woman that you see in this tour-goer's photograph is most definitely an apparition that decided to show itself for the camera.

From the customer's recollection of the tour...

"A friend that was with us [on the tour] who reads tarot, said she felt a lot of different energies throughout the space. She used the divining rods in Molly's room, and said she felt her presence acutely.

The divining rods were moving [while rested] on the table when no one was touching them. I'm what you'd call a skeptic, and I can't explain that away."

- Emily P.

Tour Attendee


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