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The Muscles On That Ghost!

“I had something happen on one of my tours somewhat recently, and I thought you may want to add it to our tales of spooky occurrences.”

On 1/21/23, I noticed that the energies of the building were a bit more active than usual. I told my tour group to pay attention to this, as they may notice something out of the ordinary. When we approached the safe in the cellar, I explained its strangeness (as usual).

As we moved along to the back of the basement, I discussed the occurrences and happenings that I typically do on my tours. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary occurred back there during my tour.

As my group made their way back toward the stairs to head up for intermission, two ladies continued to ask questions and walked slower with me behind the rest of the group. Then, the three of us paused around the safe. I was stunned to see that the safe had moved since we had last seen it less than 10 minutes prior. The women, intoxicated, weren’t paying attention, so I pointed out how it had shifted. I told them that the safe had moved more than I had ever seen it since this past summer…

It had shifted angles and moved itself right next to our haunted and much disliked “white door.” After mentioning this to the ladies, my heart immediately started racing. In the back of my mind, I knew to keep my eyes off the door and what may remain beyond it. I informed the women to head up the stairs urgently, as I could sense the shift in the surrounding energies weighing down on me as if to say, “Leave the safe. Go back upstairs quickly.”

I snapped a quick picture and resumed my tour thereafter. On the following tour that night, I saw the fresh and bold scratch markings on the cement floor where the safe had just moved.

For those who don’t know as well, the safe is very heavy and makes noise when it moves. However, no one in my group heard this sound when we were just 15 feet behind it in the back of the basement.

The energy of the night remained heavy – as that second tour watched one of the overhead lights turn off for a moment and right back on up on the “B Floor.” I asked my guests to make sure that somebody hadn’t accidentally flipped the switch. I also asked them if they felt an unusual weight in their chest on either the 2nd or 3rd floor, and many of them agreed.

(These photos are of the safe before and after it moved.)

- Kirsten W. Tour Guide


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