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The Door Opens...

Shakers has been particularly active as of late – even more than usual. I, myself, have been getting bombarded with messages, pictures and video footage from staff and customers alike alerting me of the strange occurrences the past several day.

Then, last night, it happened. The ominous white door in the cellar basement – notorious for its sinister energy and dangerous warnings from psychic mediums – unlocked itself and opened. The door stays padlocked shut due to the various warnings, reports, and strange vibes it emanates. It has been marked with an “X” on the front as a protection spell.

Here is what we know about last night…

“The safe moved again tonight…

Actually, on the tour prior, the white door aggressively swung a bit and loosened the padlock hinge. Quite an active night all around…” [See Photo 1]

- Kirsten W. (Tour Guide)

“We were on the tour last night with Kirsten. I apologize if I miss spelled her name. She suggested if we caught anything in pictures to send the pictures to the bar email.

While on the tour, I could definitely feel energy, had moments of claracognition and could smell certain things that were not from this current time. I had a strong feeling in the bathroom. It was especially strong when I walked between the sitting area and into the bathroom. I was taking a picture of the photos. I was the only one in the bathroom. I took this photo after the tour was over.

Please show this to Kirsten. She might remember me as the Burn nurse who smelled smoke outside at the start of the tour.” [See Photo 2]

- Jodi N. (Customer)

“Two days ago on my tour, a girl was walking next to the door and one of the screws had fallen out. Didn’t think too much of it. But that was two nights ago. Today, all of the screws are out during my tour. And the door is just wide open. Bob and I went down to investigate and try to get rid of any bad spirits. So we’ll see what happens.” [See Photo 3]

- Leah M. (Tour Guide)

“So the white door was open, not by us. The lock hasp was ripped out of the frame. Kirsten had issues on Sunday night and I had a conversation with the spirits and burned sage. Yesterday Leah came to get me to show me the door. I had another, firmer talk, burned tobacco and sage.” [See Photo 4]

- Bob W. (Owner)


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