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Sticky back here, huh?

I was closing the bar and I let [the server] go home early that night. While I was standing behind the bar by myself, I heard very clear footsteps behind there with me. They sounded like heavy boots that were sticking to the mats with each step. It was a very clear sound of someone adjusting their footing.

I was spooked, so I closed up really fast. A couple of days later, I was stocking the bar with a new girl whom I was training. Our stock is in the basement, so we had to go down there to get stuff. At one point, we went down there together so I could help her find some things. The lights were off, so I told her that while she’s stocking, she can leave the lights on and doesn’t have to turn them off every time she heads back up.

She told me she hadn’t turned the lights off.

- Kathleen R.

Bar Manager


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