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Our resident spirits may take a liking to you...

Years ago, I came to the conclusion that Molly has a huge crush on my best male friend. My other friend, Marley, started working at Shaker's around 2017 as a tour guide, and my male friend and I went in to visit her often. When we were on our first 2.0 tour with Marley, Molly was communicating through the divining rods. Marley asked her where in the room she was sitting, and quickly the rods whipped around and pointed next to my guy friend. He kept reporting feeling something - or someone - touching his hair, his neck, and his leg. As we continued our conversation with Molly, she would occasionally just ignore the question we were asking and point right to my friend! Especially while I was holding them, she seemed less interested in answering my questions, and more interested in getting my friend to talk to her. Once he finally got hold of the rods, they spun around and touched his shoulders, sort of like a "hug." Marley informed us that, usually, that does mean that the spirit is offering a hug to whoever is holding the rods.

After this experience, my guy friend and I stopped in on numerous occasions where Bob (the owner) would allow my friend and I to go upstairs and say hi to Molly with Marley's accompaniment. Every time we went up there, Molly made her affinity for my friend excitingly apparent. When we eventually came around to straight up ask her if she liked him, those rods crossed faster than I have ever seen them cross.

-Aly S.

Shaker's Regular

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