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Ghost Tales Episode 62 - Dahmer's Episode, vistin Nichole Childress

The Dahmer Saga continues to unfold, 29 years after the notorious Serial Killer was captured. In a very rare interview, actual Dahmer story participant, Nichole Childress stops by Shaker’s to tell her story of the Dahmer experience with Bob Weiss, co-creator of the Jeffrey Dahmer/ Cream City Cannibal Tour. We've invited guide Michelle from our Hangman Tours division along to join the chilling conversation of missed opportunities. Nichole Childress faced down Jeffrey Dahmer & the Milwaukee Police on May 27, 1991 when she found 14 year old Konerak Sinthasomphone running down a Milwaukee street with a head hound and bleeding from his rectum. Listen to the captivating story of her attempts to get the boy help and how the police returned the child to Dahmer, who murdered him shortly after and of the collateral damage suffered by many. In a 1991 interview with the Milwaukee Journal, MPD Officer Gabrish said: “We’re trained to be observant and spot things. There was just nothing that stood out, or we would have seen it. I’ve been doing this for a while, and usually if something stands out, you’ll spot it. There just wasn’t anything there.”


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