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Ghost Tales Episode 171 - Dahmer's Ghost & Apartment

Jeffrey Dahmer is strong in the psyche of James. James came to MKE to visit Shakers & Hangman Tours as we are known for our Cream City Cannibal Tours and because he was willing to do so in his dreams. Imagine a man obsessed with Dahmer to the point of reshaping himself to look like Dahmer, act like Dahmer, have dreams of being Dahmer and grasping each tidbit he can find to morph into Dahmer at the Ambassador Hotel while in town to see Marilyn Manson. Ironically, while this man was transforming, Bob was giving a Ghost Tour to Manson and the band at Shakers. Nice folks. Well, this young man came up to Milwaukee from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dahmer of course came to Milwaukee from Ohio to taint our landscape. While on location in June 2021, an area resident, Langston, drove by several times, stopped and chatted Bob and Manson up. He clearly had a tale to tell about Jeffrey and his victims. Apparently Anthony Sears was his friend as was Richard Guerrero, both of whom succumbed to Jeffrey Dahmer and perished in the Oxford Apartments which used to stand upon this ground. Langston also speaks to the stench in this apartment and how he removed his kids who were visiting there. There is a profound sense as if in a Cemetery which I comment upon at this location. This is the teaser for a body of work we will be producing this year on Jeffrey Dahmer. The actor portraying a detective, is an actual retired Milwaukee Police Detective and was the actual cop who finger-printed Dahmer after his capture in 1991. Caution... this teaser reel is not for the faint of heart.


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