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ghost tales episode 168 - Dahmer's Ghost

Jeffrey Dahmer's Ghost is seemingly everywhere. In modern programming, literature, movies and of course, whenever you travel and people ask where you are from… at the mention of Milwaukee, the thoughts are not of Beer, Brewer’s and the Streetcar to nowhere, as much as they are; "oh, Milwaukee...Jeffrey Dahmer.” Thousands of people each year travel to Milwaukee specifically to take our Cream City Cannibal Tour, the world's only Jeffrey Dahmer Tour. After each podcast Bob does, people desire to know more about Dahmer. This is the teaser for a body of work we will be producing this year on Jeffrey Dahmer. The actor portraying a detective, is an actual retired Milwaukee Police Detective and was the actual cop who finger-printed Dahmer after his capture in 1991. Caution. This teaser reel is not for the faint of heart.


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