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Ghost Tales Episode 116 - Rachel does Tarot in Dirty Helen's

Tuesday October 22, we had just finished filming Bryan who had recently spent the night in the Penthouse and spoke about his paranormal experiences at Shaker’s. While uploading videos we noticed that the internet was down. As the router was on the second floor, Bob headed up to check it out. He immediately noticed that the lights were off, in the staircase, landing, second and third floors. He went to the breaker boxes just to see that all was fine. Earlier that day, Bob and Bre had a crew working on the new "Dirty Helen's Speakeasy" space in the former abortion room. The vibe was very heavy. Bob ran to the cellar and to the huge mega-amp circuit boxes. All of the breakers were fine. He called our facilities guy who repeated my steps but then found one of the two main disconnect switches had been thrown. Issue solved, however, almost a Jurassic Park setup, this could not be moved without assistance, and yet, no one was in the cellar. Shortly after, Breanna and Ashley were in the second floor office and the printer began rocking violently and flew off its perch and onto the floor, the stand it was on continued to rock. I brought Rachel and her Tarot deck up to see what she could see. ‘Tis the season at Shaker’s… Cheers.


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