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Color-Changing Hair

Tour guide Ciji has had a lot of various experiences here at Shakers, both on and off the clock.

Ciji recalls giving a tour for a husband and wife a short while back. With the first portion of the tour taking place in the cellar basement, Ciji didn't take note of what color the woman's hair was, as it is dark in our cellar anyway. As Ciji continued her tour upstairs, she swears she noticed that the woman had beautiful, 'Julia Roberts-esque' red hair. The woman expressed how connected she felt to our third-floor resident spirit, Molly.

“It could be because Molly had gorgeous red hair like you do!” Ciji said.

“My hair’s not red…” The woman replied.

Ciji looked at the woman again. Her hair was a very dark brown – almost black.

On another occasion, Ciji was giving a 2.0 tour and a gentleman was using the divining rods to communicate with the spirits. He was in the midst of talking to the ghost of Sam, the doorman. Some of the other tour-goers communicated with Sam using the rods as well, but with this particular gentleman, every time Sam would cross the rods to answer “yes,” the handles on the dresser in the bedroom would tick.

These are only a couple of the endless stories from Ciji and other Shakers Tour Guides. Check back on the Hangman Blog regularly for more Ghost Tales. Happy Haunting...


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