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Breaking Dishes

"My name is Valentino. I’ve been working at Shakers for about three to four months now.

When I first started working here, me and one of my associates were in the dining room. There was no one in the back room, where we do our dishes and everything. Above the dish sink, there’s a ledge, and on that ledge there was a jar. If anything falls [off that ledge], it would just go into the sink. But instead, something pushed the jar so hard that it smacked into the ground and shattered all over the place. We went back there. There was no one there. It was completely empty.

This happened when I was only probably two weeks into working here, but after that - probably like another week later - I was walking downstairs in the basement. At one of the doors that they say is haunted, I heard something scratch against it.

Nothing really happened after that, but it was definitely not normal"

- Valentino, Shakers Staff Member


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