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Always welcome, never alone

The following write-up and photograph are customer submitted and took place on a recent 2.0 Tour and an overnight stay to follow...

First, the photo. I can confidently say that no one else was taking pictures yet, nor did I have my flash on when I took this picture... I have additional pictures of that same spot, and the odd light/flash isn't in any of them.

Now, for our stay. The ghosts of Shaker's didn't disappoint, and they were extremely interested in talking to us! We mainly used the divining rods provided, and a deck of tarot cards I had brought along. What I find extremely interesting, is that [my friend] Deidre and I simultaneously used the two sets of rods that were upstairs and they would both react with the same response every time - the exception of when Patrick came through to speak.

[Here are] a couple of things that were suggested to us through the rods and tarot:

  • Molly indicated that the politicians in the basement [could be] Sam, [the brothel bouncer], and Patrick, and that they were given the nickname of "the politicians" when they tried to smooth talk their way out of getting into trouble for her death and dismemberment.

  • Sam stopped in for a little bit and seemed to have come to terms with what happened to him and what awaits him if he were to ever cross over.

  • Patrick, well, he doesn't want to move on - as he's still possessive of Molly even in death. He's not afraid of moving on, but just doesn't want to because he still can't let go of his obsession for her.

  • Molly chatted a bit about how the girls did their best to take care of each other, and that her moving to the A floor (in the opinion of the rods) was due to her wit and ambition (so perhaps there might have been some blackmail of the father's friend involved).

  • The girls from B floor came through a little bit and expressed gratitude to those that stand up for them and respect them.

After that, Deidre and I thanked everyone and went to sleep... only to be woken up around 5 AM by what we think was Molly pulling a string of pearls out of the jewelry dish in her dressing room area. At first, I had thought it was the chess board being thrown across the room but it was untouched when we investigated around 6:30 AM, and the only thing I noticed that was out of place was the necklace. I also heard someone moving around the apartment, in the kitchen area, and near the stairs after that.

Thank you again for the wonderfully frightful evening! I definitely have the urge to come back and enjoy all that Shakers has to offer again in the future.

-Allison K. Shaker's Patron & Tour Attendee


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