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Sleeping With a Ghost

Having been an employee at Shaker’s now for about four and a half months, I’m beginning to really get a feel for this building and its’ residing spirits. It’s an anomalous experience – yet, somehow, I feel so contented.

There is one spirit in particular who I feel I vibe with in particular; The one who stays in our penthouse suite – the dead hooker’s bedroom – up on our top floor.

Molly Brennan.

Now, this is not the first night I have spent with my girl, Molly. However, this time seemed much more intimate to me than the last in terms of the energy I was feeling from Molly herself.

This night, I was lucky enough to have my best friend, Cass, who had moved away but was visiting for the weekend, to accompany me. It was the first night I had seen her in a year, so the love and connectedness between us was already radiating immensely.

The decision to spend the night was a last minute one. I don’t think Cass expected any of the experiences we had pertaining to my place of employment, especially having the chance to spend the night. The decision to spend the night – both the offer and acceptance – was made in an admittedly pre-boozy mindset.

As usual while upstairs and using the divining rods, I addressed Molly first. Things felt very positive for both of us and I think Cass was really enjoying conversing with Molly in the same way that I always do. It was very light-hearted at first – but oddly the rods kept pointing on their own toward the kitchen without reason.

After ignoring it the first few times, we started hearing noises coming from the kitchen area as well. Nothing major, seemed like it could perhaps be your typical old building noises. However, it did seem strange that they were only coming from the kitchen exclusively…

I began feeling a strong pull toward the kitchen. It didn’t feel so nice, though – sort of like something was telling me to go look in there but not with well intentions. Once Cass expressed that she felt like something was drawing her into the kitchen as well, I wondered weather or not we should explore it.

We both went in the kitchen with the rods and asked some questions. We weren’t getting very clear answers, I think because I kept wanting to ask Molly the questions, rather than whatever it was that was summoning us. The kitchen felt cold, and strange. I didn’t feel comfortable and Cass didn’t either. As curious as we were to have our questions answered and to know what was giving us such strong feelings toward the kitchen, we agreed that we had better take a step back rather than get too deep into something that could be potentially malicious. We returned to the sitting room, but I couldn’t help but be constantly looking into the kitchen, still wondering.

We tried to shift our energy and focus away from the kitchen at that point. We turned our attention back to Molly. After sharing plenty of glasses of wine, it almost felt like we were having ourselves our own girls’ night.

Cass and I wanted to take advantage of the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, which was a place I was particularly curious about considering the fact that Molly’s body had been gruesomely butchered in there. Strangely, regardless of its horrific past, the bathroom felt surprisingly empty. Inactive. Disconnected. I had put that fact out of my mind for the time-being since I was pretty boozed-up, and it was nice to have a moment for me and Cass to catch-up after not seeing each other in a year. After the fact, however, I wondered why it was that it felt so desolate. I believe it’s because we were mainly vibing with Molly while we were up there, and I’m sure she doesn’t much enjoy spending any time in or near the bathroom.

Another several glasses of wine later, we decided to get out of the tub. At this point I had had enough liquor that I decided I was going to try and sleep. Cass may have still been a little uneasy up there, but she decided to try to sleep as well.

Not long after I had passed out in my stupor, Cass woke me up saying she didn’t feel well and wanted to leave right away. This was unsurprising to me – seeing as we had had a very decent amount of alcohol and I could imagine she was experiencing a pretty intense hangover. The more she explained to me how she was feeling, though, the more it seemed that her uneasiness was coming from a place more so spiritually-induced than alcohol-induced. She reported feeling a dryness in her throat, a tightness in her chest, lightheadedness, and her body felt tingly.

It was an overwhelming experience for me, and I can’t imagine how intensely she was feeling on her end.

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