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Pushed To The Edge...

It was my husband, a friend of ours, and myself taking a tour. We were on the 3rd floor in the spirit of Molly Brennan's room and listening to her story. Then, something very disturbing happened to me that I wasn't expecting.

To preface, I am a very bubbly person and full of life. I always have a smile on my face and always make the people around me smile and laugh. All of a sudden, I got really sad and wanted so badly to cry. I had an intense feeling of missing my family.

This devastating sadness in me continued to increase. It became so overwhelming that I was feeling like I wanted to jump off of the top of the building. I'm not normally suicidal, but I basically wanted to jump to my death.

I told the group that I was with what was going on with me, and every single person told me to get downstairs immediately. They were practically pushing me back down to the main level. Once I reached the last stair and stepped back into the bar area, I felt relieved to regain normal feeling. I was back to myself as quickly as I had seemingly left. I was happy, yet confused.

After speaking with the guide and staff, I learned that there were once women who worked in the brothel who would become very depressed and miss their families dearly - similar to what I was experiencing. Come to find out, that at least one (if not more) of those girls had reached a point in her depression where she took her own life by jumping off of the building.

It was a very heavy experience...

- Michael K. (Tour Attendee)

Editor's Note: This is not the first time that we have had someone experience similar feelings. You can read another account resembling this one here.

It is not uncommon for people to experience feelings - either emotional or physical - that mimic those of which residents of the past had once felt.


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