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"Pushed" Out of Skepticism

Tour Guide Kirsten had an event on her Sunday Ghost tour at Shakers the end of July 2022 which she told [our owner, Bob] about afterwards. [Bob] then checked the CCTV cameras for an overview.

A man asked for [Kirsten] at the host stand and said that [the owner] told him he could take a tour on [him]. Naturally, [Bob] had no knowledge of him. As Kirsten was the tour guide that night, it was an easy addition to her mid-sized group.

Now, on the tour, in the cellar the dude was unable to look at the safe or the white door with the cross upon it, or to listen to her presentation.

Those of you who have been here, know the story of the haunted safe and the portal behind the white door with the reappearing sideways cross upon it.

This man stood to the east of the tour group while in the cellar and, literally, by himself, leaning against the massive walk-in cooler as he was attempting to light a cigar.

As Kirsten was talking about the safe and the psychic energy within it, the dude fell over - seemingly unconscious - and, fortunately, slid down the face of the cooler so that he was not injured in the fall. Kirsten and several people [went] to his aid, getting him up and toward the exit. He mumbled about going outside - as he could not stay in the cellar [because] the energy was too thick for him.

Kirsten continued with her tour.

As I understand it at the conclusion of the tour, she asked about his whereabouts; he was not seen walking outside of Shakers and she went to search for him in the upper floors of the building. She found him on the very top of the building muttering to himself.

As she got him down the spiral staircases from the rooftop, he told her that he felt compelled to jump off the top of the building. [It's] as if whatever Spirit was there was pushing him further toward the ledge...


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