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O'Connor & His Bone for Blondes

This story comes from a customer submission, and includes her experience from a recent Shakers 2.0 Tour as well as a photograph taken by her sister-in-law (above).

You may notice in the picture the strange green/blue light that looks like a vertical series of X's. According to this customer, that light would move around when she would play back the "live" feature on her phone. In other pictures of the same spot, it doesn't appear at all.

In the paranormal world, X's have been known to have a variety of meanings. You may notice the X written on the white door, for example, which was placed there by a medium as a protection spell. X's and crosses also represent expansion (used in mathematics for multiplication/addition, or it’s sprawling out in all directions), religion(used to represent virtue & eternal life in being employed as an abbreviation for Christ, the cross as a symbol for Christianity), or evil (a swastika, censorship, or the skull & crossbones portraying death). A curious dichotomy, indeed. Spirits can also tend to leave X-marks places, because it is an easy yet discernible marking to make. It could be a sign ('look here - X marks the spot!'), or even a warning.

While you play with that unusual little idea in your mind, the following is this tour-goers experience on her tour that night...

"When we were in the basement and Britney, [our guide], was talking to us by the safe, my back was turned to the hallway leading to where Capone’s 'office' was.

I have a little blonde in my hair, so it may have been for that reason, but my ponytail that was rested on my shoulder was pushed off it! Now, there was obviously no breeze over there, so I knew that it couldn’t have been from that.

Shortly after that, as Britney talked about [the ghost of] O’Connor, she pointed me out because I have a larger chest – which was noteworthy because she told us he’s been known to touch women’s breasts and bums sometimes. Maybe 5 minutes later, I felt something brush against my lower back. I thought it was my husband, but when I turned around, no one was standing behind me.

At that time, I had mentioned that O’Connor was messing with me. I asked a few questions using the divining rods, and when I asked him where he was in the room, he was right behind me. The second that the rods turned to point; I got an ice-cold chill on the nape of my neck. That night was abnormally hot in the basement, so I was sweating pretty badly. When I felt that icy chill, it was both refreshing and exciting at the same time!

Once we went up to the brothel’s A-Floor, we learned about Molly’s story. During that time, I got this overwhelming heavy feeling and became nauseous out of nowhere. When another tour member mentioned that he felt like the room had a heavy presence, I knew it wasn’t just me.

I then asked Moly a few questions with the [divining] rods, and she came through quite strong!

My experience on this tour was phenomenal, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone that I’ve talked to! My boss now wants to make an office outing of the tour, so I will be coming back and I can’t wait."

- Jordan B. Tour-goer

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