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One of our guides, Ciji, had a friend of hers come on a tour this past Thursday, 8/11/2022. The following are pictures taken that night, along with Ciji's explanation of events that transpired afterward.

"With the handprint... [my friend] and I were driving home. I was driving. We were almost halfway there when I saw it. She said she saw it appear a few minutes before I did, but was trying to ignore it and praying it went away. But then I noticed it.

The handprint is on the inside [of my window], and looks different than the other handprints on the car. My oldest added one on the outside to compare later. I tried to see if maybe I was shifting and had done it by accident. I moved my finger to duplicate, but the angle would have been too awkward for it to have been me because I'm short, plus it seems quite a bit bigger than my hand. No one else drives my car. If I push on anything to get out, it's usually the steering wheel.

[My friend] also felt like her bracelet was removed. It was in her seat when she got out, and she said she hadn't touched it."

- Ciji S.

Tour Guide


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