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Afterlife Cat-Fight

"Bob and I had just left Shakers, and only five minutes after, Tanya and Angelicia (staff members) pointed out that there were lots of glass and fragments of wood spread out across the patio. They looked up and saw one of the upper windows to the third floor completely knocked out.

Mind you, Bob and I were sitting on the patio exactly where the glass had fallen. The bazaar part is that nobody heard anything. No smashing, no scraping - nothing. That window had been sealed, locked, bolted, painted over and in-place - yet it fell out seamlessly.

[We thought that, perhaps, it was from it being so windy outside that evening. However, as we pondered that explanation, we realized that if it had been from the wind, the glass would have broken inwards and the mess would have been on the inside of the building. We then decided to investigate further.]

Tanya and Angelicia went upstairs to ask Molly with the divining rods what happened. Molly said that she had gotten into a fight. A fight with one of the other spirits.

"Was it one of the resident spirits?"

The rods answered yes.

"Was it one of the men?"


"One of the B-Girls?"


The following day, I was curious. I wanted to know what other information I could get from the situation. I went upstairs and after asking Molly a series of questions, I learned that she had a very brief disagreement with a B-Girl spirit. This particular brothel girl was mocking Molly for her position as the A-Girl. She mocked [the gentleman she had as] her sponsor and called her a 'gold-digger.'

Molly confirmed that she threw this girl out of the window - ergo the fallen glass - and the fight ended right then and there.

I haven't the faintest idea how she could have knocked out that entire window pane. All I know is that she must have tremendous physical and spiritual strength..."

- Kirsten W. (Tour Guide)


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