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Pop Goes The Protection Stone

The evening after the Full Moon - Sunday, September 11th:

One of our tour guides, Ciji, usually keeps a protection crystal in her brassiere. Ciji is extremely spiritually sensitive, so she keeps the stone on her person at all times. Especially when working her shifts at Shakers, she never forgets it. It even helps her clarity remain when the energy in the cellar basement or other floors turns heavy.

The day after the full moon felt a bit "off" to everyone, as mentioned in our last blog post. The weather had experienced a drastic shift that day, and many staff members reported it feeling especially heavy at 422 S. 2nd Street.

Two of our employees felt particularly uneasy, and suspected that there was an energy that was attacking the both of them.

"It was so weird. Ciji had told me that she was having a weird experience one day and had a bad headache. I was fine when I came in, but after a few hours my stomach started to hurt and I had to sit down. It got worse, and then I started to feel light-headed. My ears rang really loud, and I almost passed out. I sat in the alley for a few minutes and felt better. I came back in and within minutes, I was sick again - ears ringing, light-headedness, nausea. I got really pale. I was shivering and sweating at the same time. I had to lay down in the alley until I felt better. After the 2nd bigger episode, I was fine the rest of the night. I had some bouts of not feeling well, but nothing like what had happened earlier. It was just that day, nothing more after."

- Tanya (server)

Ciji was reached out to for comment, but reported that she was still shaken up from what transpired that day, and was not ready to talk about it.

After the fiasco was over, Ciji noticed that her protection stone had broken; Split in two. Oftentimes when protection amulets break, it means that they've absorbed so much energy that they can no longer contain it, and will no longer work to serve you. It seems as though whatever had attacked them last night was so powerful that it had expired Ciji's crystal.


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