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An Atmospheric Shift

If you live in the area (Milwaukee, WI), did you notice the drastic change in weather right after the night of the full moon?

Sunday, September 11th at 1:53pm, the day following the full moon:

"I've always had prophetic dreams for as long as I can remember. I'm covering a serving shift today and I just woke up from a dream in which I was at Shakers and was cleaning the back bar to get ready to open when Bob came over to me.

He said, 'Just so you know, it's supposed to storm pretty heavily today, so don't go into the basement and mess with any divining rods or divination tools of any kind. And keep an eye on the cistern, but DON'T touch it.'

I woke up a minute or so later and checked my phone. The weather was beautiful and clear last night and earlier, but now there's supposed to be a chance of flooding. I find it very odd."

Later that evening, 8:01pm:

"I just came from [the basement] with Kirsten, and I definitely felt a little more airy in the head. I've been seeing so many figures out of the corner of my eyes all day today - like, the most I have ever seen - and when I was down there I swear I saw a red figure. When we were in the very back, I felt like someone kept holding the back of my head.

When we were starting to head upstairs and we passed the white door, I just stopped for a minute and felt this heavy sadness. It was like there was a whole collection of people behind the door wanting to get out. We kept walking, and paused by the steps so I could see if I felt anything else. Then I started connecting with a female spirit.

When I've been in the basement before, there has been a female spirit whom I've connected with that has sung in my ear or throughout the basement. Usually, it's only when I'm alone. At first I assumed this entity to be her (maybe it was), but when I connected I heard, 'She lost her baby.' I had a vision of a woman weeping. I also felt a hand on my upper arm, just holding me.

We came back upstairs and I stood by the humidor. I felt the cold hand on the back of my shoulder. I'm still feeling it now.

I set my phone down to go check on a table, and when I returned the voice-to-text button was up and it typed out the words, 'just text Michaela already.' I promise no one was around my phone, no one touched it - the audio to text was still going when I came back."

It proceeded to storm that evening.

- Kaleigh L. Shaker's employee & tarot reader


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