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The Story of the Safe

Video Narrator: "So, there's a safe that sits at the basement over at Shakers Cigar Bar - a haunted bar over in the walkers point district of Milwaukee. Legend has it that the safe's never been cracked. There had been many attempts to do so by, like, expert safe crackers from all over, including a federal agent that used to go there. FBI agents unsuccessfully tried cracking that safe for years.

Owner, Bob Weiss, stopped trying to open the safe after a psychic told him it was cursed and dangerous. So, you know, that's pretty startling to hear.

People have reported the safe being at different locations than the last time that they were down in the basement, so, yeah. The thing has been moving on its own.

The building and the land it sits on has a very unique history, and was once a cemetery back in the 1800s. And, uh, not all the bodies were able to be found for relocation. Al Capone and his brother once owned this place back in the roaring 20's, and all types of murders have taken place here. One of Jeff Dahmer's bar hops.

Fascinating Ghost Tour at Shakers that breaks down all the events that have taken place there. You can even rent an apartment upstairs for a night. Most people can't make it through a whole night, though."

This video was submitted by Alex Midence, who came to Shakers with his crew last year to conduct a paranormal investigation and collect video footage.


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