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The Doctor Is In

Saturday, April 29th.

I had about four different tour groups that night. Two people who weren't in the same group and had been strangers prior to their tour both saw shadows on the third floor - in Molly's room with the bed. They looked at each other and freaked out at the same second. On the same tour, on the B-Floor, one of those people (male) had asked if anything had happened in the area where the sewing machine is. He reported that it felt extremely "charged" to him.

Later that night, on my next tour, I was giving my B-floor presentation while standing in the archway that separates the rooms. My group was standing near what was the doctor's office, where forced-abortions and other traumatic procedures took place. In the middle of speaking, I was cut off by a clear as day man's cough. It came directly from the spot that the man on my previous tour said the energy felt "charged."

I was startled when I heard it, and thought it was a group member that had snuck past me at first. Yet, my entire group was standing in front of me. I asked them if they heard it, and it turns out that I was the only one. It had me so flustered that it threw off my presentation for a moment because I was thinking, 'what the hell just happened?'

That was the first day I hadn't really spoken much on the doctor or what happened in that room, but I think that will be my last time doing that!

Later on, I used the divining rods on the second floor to try and get some answers. I was confused why I male spirit would be upset and demanding my attention on the second floor. I thought that it was possibly the doctor since I didn't mention him much in my segment that tour. It seemed like that cough was him going, 'ahem - tell them what I did up here!" Sure enough, through my series of questions with the rods, it was confirmed that it was the doctor. He also crossed the rods "yes" to me asking if he was worried about being forgotten about. Clearly, he wants to be acknowledged for the heinous medical procedures he performed.

- Paris W. (Tour Guide)


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