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Spirits May Tease, But At Least They're Polite


The following is an email sent to staff by Shaker's owner, Bob, earlier this week:

"Active Happenings This Week At Shakers"


On Wednesday afternoon, I was at Shakers at about 2:00 PM.

I was in the kitchen making a Cajun-based stock. After adding Cayenne Pepper, I sneezed loudly – as I am one to do with some chilies in the air.

Immediately, I hear a female voice say, "Bless you!"

Knowing I was alone without any music on, I quickly turned around and seeing no one, said, "Thank you."

I can still hear that voice if I close my eyes.

I'd suggest a woman in her thirties-forties.

When I was talking to Michaela at the end of the bar, I felt someone tug my hair.

I thought perhaps a server had snuck in and was teasing/saying hello. I turned to see who it was... no one was there, and I asked Michaela if there had been someone behind me.


I am told that Kathleen had an experience this week at close, where she could hear/sense someone walking on the bar mats next to her.

Keep your senses sharp this week, I suspect there is more paranormal activity to come.

Please share your stories with Marley, or directly to Ghost Tales.



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