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Can't Escape It

I was doing a tour for a Bachelorette party. All women. The photographs were taken by a bridesmaid.

In this picture (above), I was standing to the left of the shot.

While in that spot, I kept feeling my hair get pulled – hard. The women on the tour saw me continually reacting to the aggressive hair pulling. No living human was in this shot when it was taken, but a figure showed itself in the picture. It appears to be a man.

(Those of you that don’t yet know this – Ciji seems to get a lot of attention from our resident basement spirit – a man named O’Connor.)

In the other picture (below), it was simply a photograph of an empty hallway taken on the walk back upstairs from the basement portion. After it was taken, nothing showed… at first.

The dark figure you see didn’t show up in the pic until two days later.

- Ciji (Tour Guide)


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