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A Bit About Bob

Owner Bob and Marketing Manager Marley sat down to have a long discussion about Ghost Encounters, Paranormal Occurrences and Spiritual Experiences.

Upon talking about his upbringing, Bob told us a few stories about how he noticed his connection to the otherworldly.


“Suddenly I’m this kid who has these otherworldly experiences, and that’s taboo alright. My grandmother was a Greek Spiritualist. Every Sunday, there was a line of women that would be there. I’m talking about 10-20 women that would come to see her, and she would read their teas or coffee grounds or whatever and tell them what’s going on in their life. Just like the tarot card readers here, or something else, right? People need reassurance. So she was that person and she had that ability with people, and I have had that since I’ve been a little kid. I find myself in places all the time. I don’t go to places that are known for psychic activity. It’s often, you know, I’m off [work]. I don’t necessarily go looking for things. I know they’re going to find me anyway.”

- Bob Weiss (Owner)


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