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Why So Blue?

As a previous tour guide and current regular at Shaker’s, I have A LOT of experiences… but a few instances in particular stand out to me…

One of them involves a full-on apparition that myself and several others had seen in the basement. She was a woman in a blue gingham dress.

When I saw her, I was down there with Bob (owner). The way that Bob’s cigar smoke silhouetted into a figure of this woman was entirely shocking… I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A few weeks later, Greg (another regular and employee of Shaker’s), met the same figure. He told me he saw her, and upon describing her appearance, she matched exactly what I had seen with Bob.

Stunned by what we had seen and curious as to who she was, Greg decided to do a bunch of research to see if he could dig up anything about this woman. He was able to find old documents, a registry, and a photograph of who we both think is the same woman we met!

- Ellen J.

Former Tour Guide


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