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That Funny Feeling...

As a previous tour guide and current regular at Shaker’s, I have A LOT of experiences… but a few instances, in particular, stand out to me…

The first was when I almost quit after fainting on my shift. Two other guides and I felt some personality changes within ourselves this night. It was a 20’s theme night, and absinthe sales were through the roof. There was a negative spirit visiting Shakers. A local medium, Rachel, had to excuse herself several times to go to her car to cry. One tour guide was crying, and another felt a rage they said they’ve never felt before.

I began to feel a strange energy wash over me as well… I got extremely light-headed and started having tunnel vision. Bob gave me some water, and the guide who was crying and I were allowed to leave early. We smudged ourselves with sage in her car. That guide, unfortunately, quit after that night.

Because of my love for Shaker’s and my coworkers, I decided to stay working there. I came into work for my next shift – a quiet Monday night – and Rachel came in and gifted me a crystal for protection. Suddenly, this lady showed up. She was visiting from up north, and said that she was simply drawn in… She was a Native American healer. I told her of my problems and of the unsettling experience from the other night. She took my hands and I felt this warm energy wash over me.

I decided to take her to the basement, where the other employees and I had sensed the visiting negative spirit. She picked up on several spirits down there – some I was already familiar with, and some I had never heard of before.

Every time she took a picture, she caught something interesting – orbs, shadow people, light appearing from some non-existent source… ultimately, she said that this place needed more help than she was able to provide.

Thankfully, the negative spirit seemed to have moved on by itself after a day or two more. While there’s no shortage of paranormal happenings at Shakers, this was the one that shook me the most.

- Ellen J.

Former Tour Guide


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