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Sleep Tight...

The following occurred in March of this year...

Shakers absolutely did not disappoint. Now, to be perfectly honest, I was not expecting much, if anything. A bar that advertises being haunted and rents out a penthouse on the premise of being haunted enough to send you out the door halfway through your sleepless night. I mean, come on. It’s only fair to say that sounds like a ploy to make some money. Regardless, it sounded like a fun time in an amazing building with tons of history. If nothing else, we get to spend the night learning about hookers and the mob during a kid-free night. So, after our delicious pizza and strong martini (you seriously didn’t think we would pass up a martini at an infamous speakeasy, did you?) we were taken on a tour of the building. I will spare the details of our tour to save room here but it was amazing. We investigated along the way as well and really learned about the location we were to be spending the rest of the evening in.

While we were up in the penthouse, or “Dead Hookers Bedroom”, we ended up having tons of hits on our K-2 meters and static coffins. We even had little motion sensed cat balls that were going off. At first, we thought it was the heat kicking on because it was so constant but it was not consistent with the heat all the time so we ended up not being able to debunk it after all. We also had my Boo Buddy Bear that was also triggered many times. After listing to my audio that was taken with my recorder, we can hear a little girl playing and giggling. We actually find that strange because kids were never allowed up there. We even asked Molly [Shaker's resident "A Girl" spirit] in our session if she thinks the penthouse is a good place for kids and she very audibly says “NO” into the recorder as well as saying no through our meters. That is defiantly something we would explore more if giving the opportunity.

Another part of the night, we were lucky enough to be able to investigate the 2nd floor. Not many people have had that opportunity so we defiantly wanted to connect with whatever was there. We were told there was a doctor, who took care of the girls by giving them checkups, taking care of their STDs, and performing the many abortions that were needed. He was given the reputation of an unqualified doctor who was all they could get to do the job. And then there was the hard-ass madam. The woman who demanded a percentage of the girl’s earnings and choose which men each girl would service. I will say that we did not connect with this madam after our attempts. She did not show up to talk with us, but the doctor did. Now, along with every other investigation we have done and will continue to do so, we started out with respect despite what we were told about this supposed negative man. Again, making a long story somewhat short, we were able to get the answers nobody else has. While using the divination rods, Tabitha was able to channel the doctor who was sitting right next to her and was told that he was not able to communicate with many people. He was a very lonely man. None of his past acquaintances ever come to see how he is doing. Visitors don’t normally try to communicate with him. We did not know this until the next day when we talked with the owner, but the 2nd floor was completely blocked off for years. Nobody went in there or near the doctor’s office. It was thought to be a negative area so everyone just kept it locked up and stayed away. Everything the doctor told us was confirmed. It was a very emotional and intense session of our investigation and we will always remember the helpful doctor that cared about girls that nobody thought were worthy of respect.

We ended up going to sleep after a little bit of silence from the other side. We were drained and ready to call it a night. Investigations don’t really end when we sleep anyway. We keep recorders on and usually wake up during the night to check things out. 8 hours pass and we wake up. Yup, 8 hours! We slept like rocks. Nothing crazy happened. No scratches like we were told happens often. No banging on the walls like others say is constant at night. No footsteps walking up the staircase or stiletto heels tapping on the floorboards. We were disappointed. Of course, we would have woken up to any of that so it must have been an uneventful night after retreating to the bed and couch. Or so we thought…

The next morning, we were greeted by the one and only, Bob Weiss. Owner of Shaker’s cigar bar. After talking to Bob on his podcast, we went to the basement to do an investigation with him. (how freaking awesome is that?!) We ended up communicating with an Irish Military man named O’Connor. He answered a bunch of questions and after reviewing the audio, we found that he audibly answers with a strong “NO” after being asked by Bob if O’Connor’s mom is living at the bar now since she has been visiting so frequently. It also coincides with our meters that he was also answering questions with.

After returning home and listening to the audio from our boring night of sleeping like babies, I soon realize that we were most defiantly not alone. After we are deep in our slumbers, I get a spirit sighing into the recorder. We also get tons of banging, footsteps, and heavy breathing that is most defiantly not either of us. Halfway through the night though, is where I lose all blood in my head. The voice is a deep growl-like sound that radiates through the headphones I am now holding tightly onto my ears.

“Get…out………. GET THEM OUT….” Um, what?! What the hell did I just hear? And how on earth did we sleep through all of this? The scratches people claim to get are sounding more believable. Is there something negative there after all? Why didn’t we feel it? How could we have slept through all that? Did this negative entity scare away Molly and the little girl leaving us with radio silence? And most of all, why are we leaving with more questions than answers? Guess that means we’ll have to go back….

-Stevie H. Paranormal Investigator Entity Ventures Paranormal (E.V.P.)


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