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"Please, Help Us!"

As a previous tour guide and current regular at Shaker’s, I have A LOT of experiences… but a few instances in particular stand out to me…

One experience was particularly unsettling, and led me to believe that there were multiple spirits in Shaker’s this night that were trapped in some level of the afterlife that they desired to be free from.

Several women had come into Shaker’s together claiming to be spiritual mediums. Per Bob’s request, I took these women upstairs to see what they could pick up on and what they had to say.

It started innocently at first – feeling the usual things and picking up on the resident spirits that are known to make themselves seen and heard. But quickly enough, things decided to turn ugly.

While they were channeling the spirits upstairs, the women began to freak out. Their voices changed. Their eyes were seemingly gazing at nothing. They started screaming and saying they needed help. To this day, I’m unsure if it was some kind of possession, or if the women saw something so unnerving that they, themselves, were crying for help. They left promptly and before I had a chance to get more of an explanation.

Freaky, to say the least.

-Ellen J.

Former Tour Guide


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