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"Like a mom humming to a baby"

After spending some time upstairs with Jackie Moran and her investigating team, these women were kind enough to fill me in on their findings. Here is what each of them experienced. Let's go!


At 16:03, during the live feed, I thought I saw Kelly or Repa walk from the center of the room behind us over to the couch, but I never heard the floor creaking. I thought whoever it was had sat down on the couch next to my gear because I watched for them to leave and didn't see anyone move...until both ladies came walking into the room together minutes later, the floor creaking underfoot.

Also, what I saw moving was dark and much skinnier than Kelley or Repa. It moved more fluid as well. Shadow figure? It'd be a first for me.

All I can say is that Bob said something about that minutes before, then that big sound happened in the corner of the "Abortion Room" by the fireplace, then that shadow (that was also caught on video). The video caught exactly what I saw.

I also heard, almost the entire time during the podcast, this humming as well. A very pleasant, very gentle humming, like someone humming to themselves while they worked. Very peaceful. Like a mom humming to a baby.


The entire first part of the podcast has a female humming and singing throughout. Like, for a long time. It wasn't anything I heard while doing the podcast. There are other EVPs underneath the majority of that broadcast, as well as some other film evidence, I believe.


The smell of cigarettes in the 2nd-floor bedroom. Feeling of fever (discussed with women dying from STDS). Feeling of being choked on the 3rd-floor. Feelings of camaraderie with women talking...peaceful for a while and giddy.


When we first got there, Repa and I used the restroom. As we were washing our hands there was a definite feeling of a spirit present. We told Dana to go in to validate. Repa and I felt a spirit by our table in the dining area. Both of us had extreme chest pain at the same time. We investigated as the podcast was going on. We received a few hits on spirit box to our questions as well as a few personal experiences but nothing that stood out with validation from audio. I saw a shadow of a head look out and go back behind the freezer in the basement. And a lot of creep factor down there.


I smelled the cigarettes on the 2nd-floor bedroom as well at times. While doing the podcast, we did have something drop or get knocked over. At about the same time there is a shadow in the back of the live podcast.

Safe to say, they will be back to stay overnight and investigate further. We love to see it!


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