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Just Playing With My Jewelry

The following is a customer submission that occurred in July of 2018. It took place on a tour, in our 3rd floor penthouse nearing the end of the tour...

I was seated in one of the vintage chairs in the dressing room area of the brothel bedroom suite. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the strand of pearls hanging from the mirror had started swaying side-to-side. There were no windows open - no gusts of air to explain this. Then, we all heard two loud claps come from the dark room to my left. There was no one there. Then, a friend of mine on the tour suddenly felt faint and needed to leave. It was as if a surge of energy came through the whole floor, affecting everyone there. Our spooked guide promptly ended the tour.

This was quite a night - Shakers is absolutely haunted and I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon.


Tour attendee


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