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Did That Rosary Just Move?

We stayed up in the penthouse after our 2.0 Tour ended at about 11:30pm. We then left at about 11:30am the next morning. So, a total of about 12 hours. My team and I all agree that we felt a strong sense of calmness, or peace, while up in the penthouse. Using the dowsing rods, we asked numerous times if Molly was protecting us and she said yes each time - and we believe she was. We definitely loved our whole experience there so we are looking forward to coming back for another investigation one day. We had a lot of little occurrences like this happen, such as catching figures, faces, and orbs in photographs; hearing doors shutting from floors below us, hearing the voice of a small child or young girl, one of our team members had a dream about a 20’s era lady named “Louise”, there were a lot of temperature changes, there was blood on the floor, a team member saw a fake flower petal move and the rosary move, other members heard footsteps on our floor and claimed one of us were walking around although all of us were sleeping or at least laying down, etc. When I had taken the tour a month prior with my husband, I kept smelling something sweet and fruity, like a perfume or candle or something - mostly in the cellar area. However, when we came back for a formal investigation, my other team members claimed to have smelled something fruity or sweet up in the penthouse area near Molly’s bed. I felt an overwhelming sense of protection and peace which surprised me, because I was expecting just the opposite. I’m not 100% sure what the exact temperatures were when we first came in or when we left, but a lot of times the temperature would get so hot that I had to take layers off, and then was so cold in the middle of the night that I was in my coat, or shivering in my sleeping bag. I believe the hottest it got was in the mid 70’s, and the lowest it got was about 65. I will definitely post any pictures we believe to have something lurking in them; there are a few with either a figure, a face, or prominent orbs. One of our team members says she saw a petal from the flower bouquet move when we asked the spirits to give us a sign; and also saw the rosary move. The rest of us did not witness the rosary move, however when we looked at it again we did notice it was turned at a different angle and no one had touched it. Also, my phone was thrown off of Molly’s vanity while I was filming and you can see this in the video, and can see that even though Heather was close, she did not touch it. Our stay was overall a very enjoyable one, and I do look forward to visiting again soon! Thank you so very much for the opportunity, we are so grateful for this experience and hope it kicks off our team and adds to our experience.

Happy Haunting from the Park City Paranormal Team! -Mikala, Traci, Katie, Heather, and Debi.

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