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Camera Footage... 3/11/2022

On the night of March 10th, 2022, one of our guides, Ciji, had an encounter with one of our many resident spirits who goes by the name O'Connor.

This is not uncommon for any of the staff or patrons at Shaker's to have experiences with O'Connor, especially Ciji - the guide to whom he has taken a particular liking to. After certainly noticing his presence near hers, Ciji's tour guest had taken a picture in which we are sure O'Connor made an appearance (featured above). After the photograph was shared with our owner, he reviewed the camera footage to see if anything else of interest showed up. The following is his report.

"Here is the update.

I've spent some time with the CCTV footage today. First, of the dozen cameras, the O'Connor Camera is mysteriously "off" today. Second, when I look at last night's footage of the 7:00pm tour, the footage runs smoothly until 6:12pm, when it jumps ahead to 9:28pm - as if Rosemary Woods was editing the tape.

At about 6:10pm, a cook is seen coming out of the main walk-in cooler, walking to the west of the cellar and up the stairs. Meanwhile, up-frame, there is a movement - a fluttering in the back of the walk-in, and that's when the clock jumps forward.

From 9:28pm on, there is what sounds like free-flowing water moving fast, and a sound oddly like clinking chains.

I have never experienced this before, and it's rather eerie."

-Bob Weiss Owner


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