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An Earful of Miss Daisy

As our most veteraned tour guide here at Shaker's, I've had a lot of patrons on my tours who've had pretty heavy spiritual experiences. The woman whom I recall having the most intense experience that sticks out in my memory was a woman who was not even interested in taking the tour at first. This woman, we'll call her Lisa, was convinced to come on my tour by her sister that was very excited to partake. Lisa is a bit of an older lady, and she wasn't a believer in what we've got going on at Shaker's.

Two weeks prior to Lisa, her sister, and maybe seven other patrons coming on my tour, we had a spiritual medium come to Shaker's who wanted to be shown around. My coworker, Aundrae, and I brought this medium to the basement. While down there, this medium told us about an entity that she picked up on that we had never heard of before. This entity's name was Daisy. We were told she was a brothel worker, but that she preferred to meander the basement. The most significant thing that this medium told us about Daisy that she wanted us to know was this: Daisy felt misunderstood. Daisy lingers by the white door we have in the basement -the door that we often talk about being a negative space. Daisy makes herself known by the door, and when she makes noise or shakes the door, it scares people. After hearing about Daisy, we tucked that information in our back pocket. We didn't include her on our tours, because (at this point) we hadn't heard of her repetitively enough to consider her to be a true entity. However, my confirmation of Daisy's existence came when Lisa came on my tour.

While everyone was invested in my narrative, Lisa seemed uninterested. As previously mentioned, she didn't want to go on the tour to begin with. I didn't mention Daisy. When my group was heading back upstairs, as we were passing that white door, Lisa ran up to me and grabbed my arm as if she was frightened. At first, I thought it was funny. Maybe she heard a noise, felt a touch, something of the sort. But when I looked at Lisa she had tears in her eyes. When we got back upstairs, she started full-on sobbing. I worked to calm her down. I asked her what happened. After she took some time to collect herself, she finally told me what she experienced.

She told me that, while walking back to the stairs, she heard a very clear voice of a woman in her ear. This woman said to her, "I wish you all understood me." After hearing this I immediately thought of Daisy, and how this medium had told us how misunderstood she felt. After some talking, I convinced Lisa to come downstairs with me once again. I let her use our divination rods to try and communicate with Daisy.

-Divination rods are used as energy-controlled rods to ask yes/no questions to spirits that may be present, by shifting energy to move the rods and answer your questions.-

Lisa had tears in her eyes the whole time, but we successfully communicated with Daisy. Overall, we concluded that Daisy was happy she was noticed. She was happy she was heard. I told her that I would include her on my tours going forward, and we have had mediums since then who have picked up on Daisy as well. Lisa, who was clearly beside herself about this experience at first, reached a very calmed state after talking to Daisy and hearing that she was contented in the fact that she was noticed.

Daisy comes and goes, now. She seems more at peace now that we acknowledge her existence and confirm the fact that she is not a negative entity despite being found in some places that we associate with negativity. And so it goes, we welcome Daisy as one of our resident spirits among many. We appreciate that she's here with us, sharing all that we share at Shaker's.


- Marley Decker Tour Guide/Manager

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