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A Strange Comfort

I’ve never been one to believe in the supernatural. When I first visited Shakers, I wasn’t at all sold on the idea that the place was actually haunted. in fact, I thought it was an elaborate act that was good for business. To be quiet honest, the only reason I even showed up there in the first place was because it’s one of the only places in the city you’re still allowed to smoke inside. After a few drinks and a cigar, I was persuaded by my friends to go on a tour and, although the historic aspect of the tour was fascinating, I thought I was able to find a reasonable explanation for everything they claimed to be “haunted.” From the change in temperatures in the basement to the squeaky hinges in the bathroom. That is until while touring the basement. I began to see a small shadow running beside me. I was also feeling something by my feet... sort of like an itching or like something was brushing against my ankle. The tour guide eventually explained that there is a "shadow figure cat" that inhabits the basement. This, strangely, made me really choked up because I had recently lost my pet cat. I began searching for whatever machine they had rigged to make this so convincing, but there was nothing. The remainder of the time I spent in the basement, I continued to hear and feel as if there was a cat who never left my side. I gave into thinking it was real, because it felt so real. I didn't feel afraid though. It was actually, strangely, comforting. I’m not entirely sure what it was to this day. Today I still have my doubts about the supernatural, but there’s something particular about Shakers that I can’t put my finger on and I’m grateful I found a place that was able to make me question my skepticism.

-Harry C.

Tour Attendee


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