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A Lingering Negativity

For the past several weeks, there has been a negative energy lingering on the upper floors of Shakers. We took precautionary measures, canceling overnight stays and investigations temporarily – as investigators can provoke these spirits or use spells to draw them out. Our owner, Bob, even attempted to “banish” said negative spirit.

It is unclear whether this spirit is evil or simply mischievous. But it certainly is uncomfortable. The following is how a few of our staff members experienced it.

“We had to postpone a lot of things because of this dark, negative energy. I’m not sure how evil I think it was, but it was a nuisance. Most of the staff felt it. I had never felt uncomfortable in Molly’s space (on the third floor) before it arrived.

Tanya and I were planning on doing an overnight stay together, but we had to put it off because of this spirit. A few nights before we were scheduled to stay the night, I felt extremely uncomfortable. It was to the point where I felt something very aggressive up there.

I was giving a tour, and one of my guests was using the divining rods. The feeling crept in before completely washing over me. I tried to ignore it and continue my tour until it became unbearable. I felt, very urgently, that I needed to end the tour and get my guests back downstairs. I grabbed the rods out of the woman’s hands. I have never done that before and would never want to do it again.

When I reported this to Bob, that’s when he decided to banish the spirit because he had been hearing things like this from many different staff members and guests.

On Wednesday, the 16th, Kirstin (Bob’s daughter) was practicing giving her tour and I was proctoring her. We were on the B-Floor when I felt this crazy urge to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom through the Doctor’s room. The door was closed. I felt like someone was in there. I knocked before I entered. When I opened the door, I saw it – a dark figure – run into the closet. I didn’t even use the bathroom. I still saw it looming in the closet.

I went and told Kirstin that the negative spirit is still here. It’s just hiding from her dad. We attempted to continue on, but we heard it follow us up the stairs to the third floor. We sat for a moment in Molly’s space, and I saw the dark figure peaking around the corner.

‘My dad banished you,’ Kirstin said. I, slightly clairaudient, heard it laugh.”


Tour Guide

“I felt like I needed to leave when I was up there. Like I was in a ‘no-trespassing’ zone and my conscious was screaming at me to get out.”


Tour Guide

“When I felt it, it felt heavy and menacing. I became winded trying to take the stairs up to the 2nd or 3rd floors. I was with Bob when he salted in the penthouse and placed pinecones up there in an attempt to get rid of it.

We were up there for only a few minutes and before I knew it, I was so lightheaded that I had to sit down. My heart felt like it had dropped into my stomach. It was an awful feeling.

After we were done salting, I ended up getting sick that night. I threw up twice before going to bed and well into the next morning. For a day or two after, I felt drained and couldn’t hold down even water.”


Staff Member/Server

Bob has since taken further action to rid Shakers of this spirit. It has been reported that things have felt much better since this last weekend.


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